Self Service Portal
Create an OID4VCI offer

How to create a Credential offer

To initiate an OpenID4VCI issuance workflow you must first create a Credential offer that specifies the Credential configurations that will be used to issue the credential, as well as additional request parameters to support the workflow.

Perform the following steps to create a Credential offer using the Self Service Portal:

  1. Select Credential offer from the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the portal.
  2. Select the Select button in the Included credential configurations section.
    The Credential configurations modal is displayed.
  3. Select the checkboxes next to all Credential configurations you wish to include in the Credential offer.

    Only Credential configurations from the selected tenant are displayed.

  4. Select APPLY to complete selection.
    Your will be redirected to the Credential offer screen.
  5. Optionally insert a Login hint that will be included as a request parameter sent to the Authentication provider as part of the authentication workflow.
  6. Optionally insert a Prompt that will be sent to the Authentication provider to adjust the authentication workflow.
  7. Select GENERATE to create the credential offer.
    The Response modal is displayed.
  8. Select your preferred sharing method:
    • Download the QR code and share with the intended holder.
    • Copy the Mobile app deep link and share with the intended holder.

      Generated deep links will only be accepted by the MATTR Showcase Wallet. You will need to adjust the deeplink if you are using MATTR GO or MATTR Pi wallets.

    • Copy the offer URI and share with the intended holder.
  9. Select DONE after you had retrieved the required information.