Upcoming standards

This page outlines the open standards that are actively being followed by MATTR with a view to potential placement on the product roadmap and eventual product support. If there is a standard (listed here or not) for which you would like further clarification with respect to product support, please contact us (opens in a new tab).

Standards authorities

The following is a list of globally-recognized standards development organizations (SDO's) where we help develop and participate in standardization efforts and implement standards:


Standards organisationStandardVersion
ISO18013-7 series - Mobile Driving License (mDL) add-on functions (opens in a new tab)1.0
OIDFOpenID4VP (opens in a new tab)ID-3
IETFJSON Web Proof (JWP) (opens in a new tab)-04
W3C/WICGDigital Credentials API (opens in a new tab)WD
IETFToken Status List (opens in a new tab)-03