MATTR platforms

MATTR helps build trust into the digital world, ensuring that interactions remain seamless, secure, and privacy preserving. By integrating our products with your procedures, policies and business logic, you can streamline the management of digital trust across its lifecycle. To support this, we offer three key platforms:

  • MATTR VII is a cloud-based platform offering scalable digital trust services through advanced APIs, catering to ecosystem operators, credential issuers, and verifiers.
  • MATTR Pi provides on-device SDKs for creating bespoke experiences or extending existing applications. Ideal for those requiring cross-platform and cross-channel integrations.
  • MATTR GO offers a quick-start solution with configurable white-label apps, perfect for early-stage ecosystem operators, wallet providers, and verifiers aiming for rapid deployment without extensive resource allocation.

Each platform is designed to fit different needs within the digital trust ecosystem, helping you to embed TrustTech into your solution. Learn more about what capabilities can be enabled by these platforms across the trust life cycle:

MATTR capabilities