Self Service Portal
Monitor analytic events

How to monitor analytic events

Perform the following steps to use the Self Service Portal to monitor analytic events:

  1. Select Monitoring from the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the portal.
  2. Use the drop-down list on the upper-left corner to select the tenant you wish to query analytic events for.
  3. Query the select tenant analytics database for events using any combination of the following query methods:
    • Use the Event ID or Request ID text boxes to query the database for events that match unique identifiers of specific events or requests you are interested in.
    • Use the Filter drop-down list to query the database for events of a specific category. You can also filter for specific types of events within each category.
    • Use the Time drop-down list to query the database for events within a given time frame. You can use any of the existing filters (e.g. Last minute, Last 5 minutes, etc.) or manually set custom FROM and TO criteria. Any filters you apply will update the list in real-time.

      Refer to the Events registry (opens in a new tab) for an inclusive list of available event categories and types. Alternatively, each endpoint in our API Reference indicates what event types can be generated when it is called.