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  • 10 August 2022

    OIDC Bridge - Additional Configurations

    In this release, we added support for including the following configurations when setting up an OIDC Credential Issuer:

    • federatedProvider.claimSource is either idToken (default) or userInfo
    • federatedProvider.tokenEndpointAuthMethod is either client_secret_post (default), or client_secret_basic
    • staticRequestParameters: parameters that should be included in the request to the IDP. i.e. display, prompt, max_age, ui_locales etc.
    • forwardedRequestParameters: parameters that can be provided by the client to be forwarded to the IDP. These are optional and can override the staticRequestParameters i.e. login_hint.

    We've also updated our MATTR Wallet SDK and MATTR Wallet App to include login_hint as a request parameter when issuing a credential using the OIDC bridge . This will allow pre-population of the username in the Federated Provider's login screen when using MATTR Wallet to claim a credential. Any other request parameters are not supported by MATTR Wallet and SDK at the moment.

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