Explore the latest MATTR VII releases to gain an understanding of new product features as they are made available.

  • 16 November 2023

    Enhancements to MATTR Showcase Wallet and MATTR GO Wallet

    The latest version (v2.8.4) of our MATTR Showcase Wallet is out!

    To provide a better user experience, our latest MATTR Showcase Wallet release includes some usability enhancements, bug fixes and copy changes to accompany the enhancements.

    Key Features

    • Customers can configure if auto-deletion of expired credentials and its associated activities is turned on or off for the wallet.
    • Users can set if auto-deletion of expired credentials and its associated activities is enabled or not. Users can also set the frequency with which auto-deletion checks are done.

    MATTR GO Wallet customers will receive a new release which includes all the new features and enhancements from our latest MATTR Wallet version.

    Ready to get going with the MATTR GO Wallet but not sure where to start? Get in touch with us today to discuss the best option for your business.

    You can download the MATTR Wallet app on your iPhone using the App Store or Android using Google Play.

  • 8 November 2023

    Introducing Mobile Credentials

    We are thrilled to expand our credential profile suite by introducing support for Mobile Credentials. Mobile credentials are digital identity documents that are designed to be stored on the holder’s mobile devices. They offer a range of unique capabilities, making them an ideal choice for use cases which require higher assurance identity credentials, such as driving licenses or national IDs.

    Mobile Credentials are a MATTR VII implementation of the ISO 18013-5 specification, created to standardise Mobile Driver's Licences (mDLs). When added to the digital trust ecosystem, Mobile Credentials can be applied to a wider variety of use cases and business problems.

    Our APIs offer the following features to support Mobile Credentials:

    • Creating Mobile Credentials and issuing them to holders.
    • Verifying Mobile Credentials using our Verifier SDK.
    • Managing Issuing Authority Certificate Authorities (IACAs) and Document Signer Certificates (DSCs).

    Refer to tutorials to learn more about Mobile Credentials and how they can be embedded into your digital trust ecosystem.

  • 26 October 2023

    Automatic Revocation when deleting credential data

    We’ve made a change to our credential deletion process so that any revocable credential will be automatically revoked when it is deleted from the MATTR VII Credential Registry. This creates an easier way to revoke and delete credentials by merging the two API requests into one, and also prevents deleting the credential data and losing Credential ID needed to revoke it later.

    Note that this change only applies to issued credentials that were configured to be revocable, and you can still update the revocation status for credentials without deleting them using the existing Revocation endpoints: