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  • 07 July 2022

    Compact Credential Verifier SDK

    We’ve transformed our Credential Verification capabilities to support the wider platform by making it work on your own mobile experience or integrating them into other types of your applications. Utilizing SDK will significantly reduce your development time while ensuring you are leveraging safe and reliable code libraries.

    The following capabilities & benefits are provided in the Verifer SDK:

    • Build your own Compact Credential verification solution into existing applications using the same tools as the MATTR Verifier App
    • Validate Compact and Semantic Compact Credentials' authenticity 
    • Offline verification of your trusted credentials
    • Refresh cached revocation lists and trusted issuers
    • Privacy-preserving/tutorials/compact-credentials/revoke features
    • Ongoing support for fast-evolving standards of digital trust and verifiable data
    • Create both iOS and Android apps using the same codebase

    Interested in learning more about how you might use the MATTR Verifier SDK? Get in touch with us today.