Explore the latest MATTR VII releases to gain an understanding of new product features as they are made available.

  • 10 May 2023

    Enrichment of Verification responses

    We've released an enhancement to the way our verification capabilities return the verified credential information. Until now, MATTR VII has applied a layer of convenience for integrations by returning only the claims from the verified credential.

    You can now also get raw credential presentation shared by the holder in the verification response. This brings more information and options to verifiers that enable subsequent flows like:

    • Re-verifying a credential using the MATTR VII verify capabilities, to re-check things like the revocation status.
    • Obtaining more information about which credential data attributes are coming from which credential when the verifier requested more than one credential.

    Check out our tutorials for more details on how to enable and use this enhanced capability in your credential verification flows.

    17 April 2023

    Enhancements and new features in the MATTR universe: April 2023

    The MATTR team has been busy the last few months! We have a raft of exciting new features and updates coming to the MATTR platforms in April 2023.

    • Next-generation credential issuance with our new OpenID Credential Provisioning flow, using the OpenID4VCI standard.
    • More flexibility for credential issuance with interaction hooks and claims source integration.
    • DID Web hosting on the MATTR VII platform to simplify onboarding.
    • Major changes to our MATTR VII API with a version 2 release.
    • An update to the MATTR Wallet and Pi Wallet Toolkit to support an improved approach for matching credentials to presentation requests from verifiers.

    Enhanced issuance journeys with OpenID Credential Provisioning

    We're thrilled to unveil the evolution of our credential issuance capabilities with the all-new OpenID Credential Provisioning flow, based on the OpenID for Verifiable Credential Issuance (OpenID4VCI) protocol.

    This protocol is a key draft standard for interoperability among digital wallets and has been included in the eIDAS expert group's draft European Digital Identity Architecture and Reference Framework (EUDI ARF) for digital wallets.

    The new flow has been evolved from our original OIDC Bridge credential issuance capabilities based on market and community movements and feedback from customers. It simplifies the experience of generating and configuring a credential for the issuer and it enhances the user experience of collecting a credential.

    Tools for extra flexibility in credential issuance

    Our OpenID Credential Provisioning flow makes issuance easier than ever before and we have built extra features that enable customers to have more flexibility to enact their unique business logic into the flow. These include:

    • Interaction hooks: integrate additional steps to the credential claiming journey such as additional biometric checks, identity assurance flows, or informational screens.
    • Multi-credential issuance: Issue multiple credentials to a wallet holder within a single user journey.
    • Claims source integration: Configure credentials using data from an existing source and supplement with additional data from tenant-managed user claims as well as claims sourced from an authentication provider or IDP.
    • More tools on the way soon!

    For current customers, we will continue to support the OIDC Bridge for issuance through the end of 2023 to allow you to transition to the new protocol and feature set. 

    Read our new tutorials for issuance using the OpenID Credential Provisioning flow and new tools.

    DID Web hosting now on MATTR VII

    To help customers get started with using verifiable credentials quickly and easily, we now support DID Web hosting on the MATTR VII platform. 

    Check out the MATTR Learn tutorials on setting up and using DIDs for more information.

    New major changes to MATTR VII API

    Continuing our theme of simplicity and ease of use, we will be releasing a new major version of our API, which includes a new set of endpoints that simplifies the ability to utilise MATTR’s Credential Profiles.

    Credential Profiles combine data about people, organizations or things with unique digital signatures. We use different types of Credential Profiles depending on the type of information a customer wants to convey and how they want to convey it.

    See the API reference for more information on these changes.

    23 March 2023

    MATTR Wallet - Migration to React Native V0.70

    The latest release of our MATTR Wallet is up!

    Our MATTR Wallet has been migrated to React Native V0.70 as well as being upgraded to Realm V11 to leverage key improvements with these versions. This release also includes a number of UI and usability enhancements.

    Refer to the React Native and MongoDB pages for further details on React Native V0.70 and Realm V11.

    22 February 2023

    Introducing MATTR Pi: Our flexible tools for creating apps your users will love.

    We are excited to announce the official launch of MATTR Pi – our SDK-centric platform encompassing toolkits with the flexibility to build solutions that work for you.

    Whilst pi (π) is a mathematical constant, its decimals are infinite. All MATTR Pi toolkits have our rigorous commitment to international standards and leading security practices baked in, but they equip you with the limitless potential to create value in this new world of digital trust.

    The foundations of MATTR Pi, available now, are the MATTR Pi Wallet Toolkit and the MATTR Pi Compact Credentials Verifier Toolkit.

    The Wallet Toolkit includes all you need to get started creating your own digital wallet experiences quickly. Find out more and read our tutorial for using the Wallet SDK.

    The Compact Credentials Verifer Toolkit lets you easily integrate verification capabilities into any existing or new application. Find out more and read our tutorial for using the Compact Credentials Verifier SDK.

    Interested in creating a verifier or wallet solution and not sure where to start? Get in touch with us today to discuss the best option for your business.