Explore the latest MATTR VII releases to gain an understanding of new product features as they are made available.

  • 15 April 2024

    Credential issuance enhancements

    We have introduced new capabilities to support more issuance use cases, as well as improve integration capabilities.

    Key Features

    • You can now add an issuanceDate parameter to a signed Web Credential. This means the issued credential will only become valid when issuanceDate is in the past. Note that this is only available for direct issuance of Web Credentials, and not via the OpenID4VCI workflow. Refer to the create a Web Credential tutorial or to the API Reference for more information.
    • You can now pass objects and arrays as request parameters when configuring a claims source for your OpenID4VCI workflow. This means you can simplify integration with your existing data sources. Refer to the Claims source overview page or to the API Reference for more information.
  • 5 April 2024

    New capabilities in the MATTR Pi Verifier SDK

    The latest version (v3.0.0) of our MATTR Pi Verifier SDK is out, making more capabilities available for developers to build into their applications.

    Key Features

    • Introducing Mobile Credentials capabilities via an extension:
      • Manage a list of trusted issuer certificates which presented Mobile Credentials can be validated against.
      • Interface with a Mobile Credential holder to request presentations of issued Mobile Credentials as per ISO/IEC 18013-5:2021.
      • Verify incoming Mobile Credentials presentations.
    • Introducing Ecosystem capabilities via an extension:
      • Confirm the verified credential is valid in the ecosystem.
      • Confirm the verified credential was issued by a valid ecosystem issuer.

    Breaking changes

    Two initialisation parameters have been renamed to maintain consistency across credential profiles (without affecting their functionality):

    • The assertNotBefore parameter has been renamed to assertValidFrom.
    • The assertExpiry parameter has been renamed to assertValidUntil.

    Refer to our SDK Docs page to start using any of our MATTR Pi SDKs, and to the MATTR Pi Verifier SDK Docs for detailed description of the new features and changes included in this release.

  • 2 April 2024

    Enhancements to MATTR Showcase Wallet

    The latest version (v2.9.1) of our MATTR Showcase Wallet is out and expands our supported credential profiles and offers several functional and usability enhancements. 

    Key Features

    • Users can now filter their activity feed so that only messages that require attention are displayed. For example, this can help users identify pending credential offers.
    • Improved wallet performance as credential offers are now only validated when the user selects to accept the offer.
    • Improved performance as credential status is no longer displayed on the credential activity card.
    • Users can now claim and manage Mobile Credentials issued through the OpenID4VCI protocol.
    • Users can now respond to Mobile Credential presentation requests sent by verifiers. 
    • Users will now use their device authentication capabilities instead of the app authentication when accessing the MATTR Showcase Wallet. 
    • Users can now easily assess the status of their credential’s validation outcome using a newly introduced credential pill status. Clicking the pill provides further validation details. 

    MATTR GO Wallet customers will receive a new release which includes all the new features and enhancements from our latest MATTR Wallet version.

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    You can download the MATTR Wallet app on your iPhone using the App Store or Android using Google Play.