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  • 16 December 2022

    MATTR Wallet - Additional Language Support

    Our MATTR Wallet now supports Swiss German and French Canadian languages. To experience the MATTR Wallet in these languages, you will need to set the correct language on your iPhone or Android device. Refer to the Apple and Google support pages if you need to change your language settings.

    10 November 2022


    We have an updated Privacy Policy now in place.

    25 October 2022

    Introducing webhooks

    We have added support for webhooks to MATTR VII. This new capability allows users to obtain information that is generated during an API operation that isn't otherwise available as part of the request or response payloads.

    Users are able to subscribe to specific events that are triggered on set MATTR VII operations.

    When an event is triggered, the information relating to that event is published via the webhook through to the URL(s) set up on the configured subscription(s).

    Users can now:

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