Explore the latest MATTR VII releases to gain an understanding of new product features as they are made available.

  • 5 Nov 2021

    Digital Covid Certificate (DCC) extension

    We have introduced a new DCC extension to MATTR VII that is built on top of our core libraries to provide the capability to issue and verify Digital Covid Certificates (DCC). The standards outlined for the European Union DCC (EUDCC) format, which covers 3 certificate types ( vaccination, recovery, and testing) are all covered by the extension which allows your MATTR VII tenant the ability to:

    • Maintain the required document signer certificates that facilitate trusted issuance and verification of the EUDCC format.
    • Sign and issue a health certificate payload into a EUDCC format
    • Verify a EUDCC Format the EUDCC in a way that allows it to be presented in either a digital or paper-based manner.

    Note: The use of the DCC extension during a trial of the MATTR VII platform may be subject to change. As you move into production workloads please get in touch to discuss your needs.

  • 5 Nov 2021

    Introducing the New Zealand COVID Pass (NZCP) Verify Extension

    The New Zealand government will start issuing a type of digital health certificate known as a 'My Vaccine Pass' using the New Zealand COVID Pass (NZCP) specification, this credential contains a limited set of personal information and provides a way for the holder to prove they meet certain health policy requirements in regards to COVID-19 such as being vaccinated against the virus.

    From today you can now read about the NZCP Verifier APIto help you determine how to integrate and verify NZ COVID Passes that have been presented to you, this also accompanies the NZCP Verifer SDK and Verifier white label app offerings.

    Get in touch to start onboarding to use the service today, the API will also be available on a trial basis starting soon.