Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are an important component of any digital trust ecosystem. They allow users to store and manage verifiable credentials that have been issued to them, so they can later be used in verification journeys.

By giving the user control of their own digital wallet, they are in control of how and when they present their information to a verifier or relying party.

Digital wallets make use of the powerful computing hardware found in smartphones and package the wallet to the user as a downloadable application.

MATTR offers the following digital wallet solutions:

  • MATTR Showcase Wallet: Available for download through the App Store and Google Play store, the MATTR Showcase Wallet is built using the MATTR Pi wallet SDK and showcases everything it has to offer.

  • MATTR GO Wallet: Our white-label wallet. Allows applying your own branding onto the foundation of our research-informed wallet, with no coding required.

  • MATTR Pi Wallet SDK: Take advantage of our capabilities to build your own app or add wallet functionalities to existing apps where appropriate. Configure your solution to meet your unique use case and requirements and enjoy extensive developer support from MATTR.