Home tab

The home tab shows your most recent interactions with different Issuers and verifiers:


It also enables accessing the Settings menu by tapping the icon on the top-right corner. This menu enables the following functionalities:

  • General:

    • Notifications: Enables turning app notifications on/off.

    • Review onboarding: Displays the onboarding screens that are automatically displayed on the first app usage.

  • Security:

    • Use Face ID: Enables turning face ID on/off.

    • Change PIN: Enables changing your access PIN.

  • Information:

    • Privacy policy: Displays the MATTR Showcase Wallet privacy policy.

    • Terms of use: Displays the MATTR Showcase Wallet terms of use.

  • Advanced:

    • Cached contexts: Displays a list of cached contexts, and enables the holder to either download or clear them.

    • Public DID: Displays the holder's public DID. This DID is required to issue a credential that is bound to this digital wallet.

  • Account:

    • Log out: Logs out of the wallet.