The Monitoring screen enables you to query the tenant analytics database for events and retrieve their metadata and data. Refer to our Analytics tutorials to learn more about MATTR VII analytic capabilities.

Select Monitoring from the navigation panel on the left-hand side to access the following functionalities:

Query for events

You can query the tenant analytics database for events using any combination of the following query methods:

  • Use the Event ID or Request ID text box to query the database for events that match unique identifiers of specific events or requests you are interested in.

  • Use the Filter drop-down list to query the database for events of a specific category. You can also filter for specific types of events within each category.

  • Use the Time drop-down list to query the database for events within a given time frame. You can use any of the existing filters (e.g. Last minute, Last 5 minutes, etc.) or manually set custom FROM and TO criteria.

Any filters you apply will update the list in real-time.

Refer to the Event categories and types page for an inclusive list of available event categories and types. Alternatively, endpoints descriptions in our API Reference indicate what event types are generated when calling each endpoint.

View events data

Select any item in the events list to display its Event Detail screen, which includes the following information:

  • Summary:

    • Event ID: Unique identifier for this event.

    • Category: Category this event is part of.

    • Type: Type of event.

    • Occurred: When has this event occurred.

    • Tenant: On what tenant has this event occurred.

    • Request ID: Unique identifier of the request this event is part of.

      Beneath the identifier you can see a list of all the events that are part of this request. Select any of the events to view their details.

  • Data: Includes the request body.

  • Metadata: Includes the request metadata.

  • Advanced Info:

    • Record created: When was this event recorded.

    • Things to note: Additional information regarding this event.