Verify your custom domain

Once your DNS provider has registered your TXT value and the change has been propagated, MATTR VII must reach out to the public DNS record and confirm the value matches the one set up on your tenant.


Make the following request to verify your custom domain:

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1POST https://YOUR_TENANT_URL/core/v1/config/domain/verify


  • 204 response (with no body): Verification successful!

  • 400 response: Indicates that something has gone wrong with the DNS setup. It could be that you need to wait longer to ensure your TXT record has propagated or repeat the process to verify domain ownership.

  • 404 response: Indicates you have not setup a custom domain at all, and must return to the beginning of this guide and configure a custom domain.

What's next?

Following a successful verification request, when you make a request to retrieve the custom domain:

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1GET https://YOUR_TENANT_URL/core/v1/config/domain

You will see the isVerfied boolean in the response is now true:

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2  "name": "Custom Site",
3  "logoUrl": "",
4  "domain": "",
5  "verificationToken": "46077231-f7f4-4559-8405-6e875b81805f",
6  "isVerified": true,
7  "verifiedAt": "2021-05-21T04:02:48.638Z"

This means that the custom domain has been properly configured and verified, and is now being used by your MATTR VII tenant. To complete the process you must ensure MATTR VII assets are available.