MATTR VII Webhooks enable retrieving information that is generated during an API interaction but is not included in the request or response payloads.

You can subscribe to specific events that are triggered on set MATTR VII operations to retrieve the required information whenever it is generated. When the subscribed event is triggered, the information relating to that event is published via the Webhook through to the URL(s) set up on the configured subscription.

The following MATTR VII event types can be subscribed to on:

A key use-case of these event payload is to provide the DID that was used as the credentialSubject.id when binding and issuing the credential to the subject's wallet.

MATTR VII does not guarantee the delivery of events in the exact order that they are generated or that no duplicate events will be received by the Webhook endpoint. You can safeguard against duplicates by checking the event.id that is provided in the event payload, this is a unique identifier for each event generated by MATTR VII. Alternatively, make your event processing idempotent.

Check out the following guides to get started with Webhooks:

Alternatively, check out the video below for a hands-on approach: