Create a did:web for custom domains

As part of our paid plans, you can configure a custom domain to work with a particular tenant to represent your brand and instil trust with end-users.

When you have an external domain configured as a custom domain for your tenant, MATTR VII only hosts your custom domain did:web in the well-known/did.json folder.

Thus, when you create a did:web for that domain you must use the custom domain's URL instead of your tenant's URL. Any did:webs created with your tenant's URL will not be available as they are not hosted on the MATTR VII platform.


Make the following request to create a for a custom domain:

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1POST https://YOUR_TENANT_URL/v1/dids
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2  "method": "web",
3  "options": {
4    "url": "YOUR_CUSTOM_DOMAIN"
5  }

To make this did:web available, you can either:

  • Host it on your custom domain under https://YOUR_CUSTOM_DOMAIN/.well-known/did.json. refer to Self hosting on Host a did:web for more information.

  • Redirect any https://YOUR_CUSTOM_DOMAIN/.well-known/did.json requests to Refer to Redirects on Use a Custom Domain for more information.