Sending messages using MATTR VII can be achieved using a JSON Web Message (JWM) format. Read more about this approach here.

Messages sent to holders based on the subject DID can be received by the MATTR Showcase Wallet and MATTR GO Wallet to perform various actions:

All messages sent via MATTR VII require the message payload to be encrypted, thus ensuring messages held at rest cannot be inspected by MATTR or any party (such as a legal enforcing entity) that requests access to those messages. This is to keep the total privacy of end-users in-mind. End-to-end encryption is a default level privacy that we uphold on the MATTR VII platform.

In order to send a message, you will require the subject DID of the recipient. In production environments you must have a secure way to obtain it:

  • Use DID Auth for any new interactions.

  • Ask the user to share their wallet DID (MATTR Showcase wallet or MATTR GO users can do this by navigating to Settings > Advanced > Public DID).

  • Request an existing credential as part of a verification workflow, and extract the DID from that interaction.

MATTR Wallet

End users of the MATTR Showcase Wallet and MATTR GO Wallet are able to enable notifications. This will create a message inbox on a dedicated wallet backend.

As DID's are created in the wallet they are registered against the inbox so messages can be routed to the mobile app using a push notification service. Push notifications are delivered to the wallet as encrypted payloads and therefore cannot be read until the wallet is unlocked.

Platform to platform message communications will be available soon using MATTR VII and other interoperable services.