Verify domain ownership

After configuring your custom domain on MATTR VII, you must provide proof of ownership over the configured domain. To do this, you must insert the verificationToken (obtained from the configuration response) into a TXT record in your custom domain DNS entry.

It’s common that another person or team will control access to your domain DNS records. Just ask them to add your verificationToken as a TXT record for the domain name you require. This TXT record will need to exist on the domain indefinitely while using the MATTR VII platform.

The exact steps to perform this will vary depending on your DNS service provider:


If you can't set a TXT record for your custom domain because it already has a CNAME record, you can workaround this issue by performing the following:

  1. Remove the CNAME record.

  2. Add a TXT record with the correct verificationToken.

  3. Verify your custom domain.

  4. Remove the TXT record.

  5. Return the CNAME record.

What's next?

Once the updated record is available on your public DNS, you will get MATTR VII to verify your custom domain.