Verify a credential using a callback

MATTR VII uses a presentation request flow to verify holder's data. Holders can view these presentation requests in their digital wallets and choose to respond with a verifiable presentation, created from the credentials they hold.

This guide will walk you through successfully orchestrating this workflow and obtaining the callback response using a localhost. You will then need to take the concepts and apply them to your own implementation.

This guide intends to show the raw workings of the presentation request flow. Some orchestration of events is required and the exact integration patterns with your infrastructure will need to be carefully designed.

This guide includes the following steps:

  1. Setup your local environment: First you will need to setup your local environment so that it can accept and view data posted to a configured callback URL.

  2. Create a presentation request: Use an existing presentation template to create a presentation request.

  3. Send a presentation request: Send the created presentation request to an intended holder's digital wallet.

  4. Receive a verifiable presentation: Upon the holder accepting the presentation request, the wallet will send a verifiable presentation to the configured callback URL.

You may also use the verify credentials using presentation request callbacks sample app to get a hands-on experience of implementing a Node.js Express server to manage the end to end user flow.