Custom domain


You can configure a custom domain for a specific MATTR VII tenant to represent your brand and instil trust with your end-users.

For example, end-users might not trust a credential with your tenant URL (e.g., as they don't know who or what MATTR is. Using your own domain might be a better approach.

Custom domains don't change how you interact with your tenant for administration functions and don't prevent the existing tenant domain from being accessed.

Any MATTR VII tenant can only have one custom domain.

Custom domains are only available as part of our paid plans, and trial accounts do not include ongoing access to custom domains. The APIs are available for you to trial the feature, but they may be deactivated unless you switch to a paid plan.

MATTR VII tenants are not exposed to end-users directly, and so the custom domains model we have implemented does not require full DNS mapping of a custom domain to a tenant (i.e. CNAME or A record). Instead, we allow setting a custom domain and then proving ownership using a TXT record on the DNS record. The process comprises the following steps: