Accept a credential offer

When the intended holder taps the message notifications, scans the QR code or clicks the deep link, their MATTR Wallet is launched and they are navigated to the credential offer screen. There they should see that the offer has been sent from a verified domain (your MATTR tenant). Holders can tap View to see the offer particulars or Proceed to accept the offer. Once the holder taps Proceed:

  • The MATTR Wallet retrieves the /.well-known/openid-credential-issuer metadata from the configured authentication provider.

  • The MATTR Wallet opens an external browser window for the holder to authenticate with the configured IdP.

Having login_hint  as request_parameters pre-populates the username in your authentication provider's login screen and prompts users to log in even if they’re already logged in. Any other request parameters are not currently supported by the MATTR Wallet and SDK. 

  • Following successful authentication and the completion of any configured interaction hook journeys, the credential is issued to the holder's digital wallet.

  • Web Credentials information is held in the Credential registry. Compact Credentials are not stored in the credential registry.

Some credential profiles (e.g. Web and Mobile Credentials) are subject-bound credentials. This means that each presentation must also provide evidence ownership of the credential subject DID.

Other profiles (e.g. Compact and Compact Semantic Credentials) are bearer credentials. This means that they can be saved in the holder's wallet, but one cannot ascertain ownership of the credential.