Self Service Portal

Inside a digital trust ecosystem, there is often a network of entities that issue, hold and/or verify information. Ecosystem operators are public or private sector entities that want to develop a trust architecture to support multiple issuing and verifying parties.

Our MATTR VII self service portal offers flexibility and autonomy to ecosystem operators. Using the portal, they can effectively manage and oversee their ecosystems with a high degree of transparency between our products and their users.

The self service portal currently supports the following functionalities:

  • Tenant management: Create / delete tenants.

  • DIDs management: Inspect DIDs on your tenant.

  • Authentication provider configuration: Configure an authentication provider to be used during credential offer and issuance flows.

  • Claims sources configuration: Configure claims sources to fetch claims directly from an identity provider, interaction hook or external claims source and use them when issuing credentials.

  • Platform monitoring: Query and inspect events on your tenant.

Refer to our tutorials section to learn more about how to use these different functionalities.

The self-service portal is available to selected cloud environments. Contact us if you're interested in accessing these features or learning more.