What should I tell the end user when they present their credential for verification?

This page provides best practice guidance for verifying Compact Credentials presented in the following formats:

  • Digital PDF / pass.

  • Printed hardcopy.

The following guide uses the example Working at Heights certificate. Design source files are available for you to swap out images to create your own branded guides.

Digital PDF / Apple digital pass / Google digital pass

Upload the original PDF recieved from the certificate issuer

Don’t take a screenshot of the PDF zoomed out, instead...

Enlarge the PDF so the QR code is in the centre of the screen, then take the screenshot

Screenshot from Apple Wallet

Screenshot from Google Pay

iOS / Android: You don’t need to show the “details” page, that is for your own records only

Printed hardcopy

Scan your hard copy pass in colour, at least 200dpi, and as a PDF or jpg file. Did that not work? Try taking a photo instead...

Take a photo of the QR code

  • in frame
  • sharp and clear
  • bright

Too far zoomed out. QR code is too small within the picture.

Avoid gloss lamination as it causes glare. Instead, use matte lamination.

Too dark and/or blurry. Try going to a brighter space or turning on the flash.

Out of focus. Try moving your camera back a bit until the QR code looks sharp.