MATTR Pi -- Overview


MATTR Pi encompasses APIs and SDKs that are designed to give you the flexibility to create the user experiences that work for you, packaged into convenient toolkits.

The current offering includes the MATTR Pi Wallet Toolkit and MATTR Pi Verifier Toolkit. Both are interoperable with open standards and can be used on their own or bundled with MATTR VII.

The toolkits offered by MATTR Pi give developers the control to integrate wallet and verification capabilities into existing apps or programmes or build a new app from scratch. While the experience is in your hands, MATTR Pi is always backed by our rigorous commitment to security and keeping up with evolving standards so you can be confident that you'll stay ahead of the curve.


All of our MATTR Pi toolkits include:

  • A pathway to ongoing updates with the latest standards and technology

  • Common tooling across iOS and Android with React Native package

  • Access to MATTR's world-class developer support

Pricing and packaging

Packaging for MATTR Pi is based on a number of features including your selection of credential profile(s) and other value-add features like data synchronisation and other cloud-supported backend functions. Each package is tailored to the needs of your ecosystem as it evolves and is designed to be augmented with add-on capabilities from both MATTR VII and Pi.  

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