Developer tools


Developer tools provide interfaces to assist developers in utilising MATTR VII. Examples of developer tools that we are continuously building out and updating include sample developer applications, tools for dealing with JSON-LD, and libraries for independently verifying transactions such as webhooks.


Developer Tools allow easier access to MATTR VII capabilities by exposing an additional set of interfaces to interact with the platform. These are mostly optional to use, though they do simplify setting up the infrastructure needed to get started experimenting with MATTR VII. Some tools may be required to use certain features of MATTR VII.

Sample Apps

We've created a collection of developer apps and API tooling that you can use to interface with MATTR platform products. These include credential templates, client apps, server apps, and more. Visit our GitHub site to try it out.

JSON-LD Linter

In order to assist developers in learning more about how to use JSON-LD verifiable credentials or "Web Credentials", MATTR has open-sourced a JSON-LD linter CLI. Visit our GitHub site to try it out.

HTTP Signatures

One of the key components of verifying that a request coming over the internet is coming from an authentic source is to have its sender sign the request so that it can be verified by another party. HTTP signatures provide a standards-based way to create and verify these signatures. Visit our GitHub site or NPM page to try out our open-source implementation.