Pi Wallet APIs & SDKs


A digital wallet application is a key piece of infrastructure in any verifiable credential ecosystem.

The MATTR Pi Wallet capabilities enable you to build an app for holding, storing and sharing verifiable credentials, or integrate these capabilities into an existing digital channel.

MATTR's Getting Started Wallet – available to download from the App Store and Google Play store – is built on MATTR Pi and demonstrates the powerful possibilities baked into Pi.


Create your digital wallet app your way with features including:

  • Create and manage keys and decentralised identifiers (DIDs)

  • Offer credentials for collection and storage

  • Start OpenID Credential Provider flows 

  • Present credentials for verification

  • Support multiple credential types

  • Derive credentials to selectively disclose data using BBS+ signatures 

  • Secure, DID-based messaging

  • Customisable user experience

  • Common codebase for both iOS and Android

Product spec sheet

Download the full list of technical capabilities available as part of the MATTR Pi Wallet APIs and SDKs.

Getting started

To gain access to the MATTR Pi Wallet SDK, please refer to our SDK Docs.