MATTR GO Verifier

The MATTR GO Verifier is an application that is used to easily and quickly verify Compact Credentials. It allows customers to quickly request and verify Compact Credentials during in-person interactions, mostly via scanning a QR code presented by the credential holder. The app then confirms the validity and integrity of the presented credential, and the result is displayed via the app UI.

The MATTR GO verifier is a ready-to-go app, built on the MATTR Pi Verifier SDK. It wraps all of MATTR's technical and user experience expertise in a custom branded solution which requires no coding.

In conjunction with our MATTR VII verifiable credentials platform, it takes all the complexity away from creating a true state-of-the-art digital trust ecosystem.


  • Users can scan and verify Compact Credentials that are presented by a holder in the form of a QR code. This includes checking the validity of the credentials signature and information.

  • Verification results are displayed alongside information form the presented credential. The app can be configured to highlight verification status or optimised for easy viewing of verified credentials and their attributes.

  • Users can configure allowed credential types and trusted issuers. These are checked as part of the verification process.

  • Multi-platform support for iOS 12.4 or higher and Android 8 or higher.

  • Get started quickly by using customer specific configuration provided by MATTR.

  • Easily give the verifier your brand look and feel.

Device Requirements

Refer to the MATTR Verifier documentation for a list of supported operating systems, versions and mobile devices.

What's next?

When you choose the MATTR GO Verifier, you’ll get access to our easy-to-use guides and templates. Our design experts will work with you to bundle your assets and re-skin the wallet, so you can quickly distribute it directly to your users.

Refer to our on-boarding guide for more information on the process, and contact us to get your copy of the white labelling guide.