MATTR Pi Compact Credential Verifier SDK


With this SDK, you can build your own on-device verification capabilities into new or existing verifier apps.

The Compact Credentials Verifier SDK does the heavy lifting of decoding QR code payloads and verifies compact credentials in real-time – giving assurance that the data inside hasn't been tampered with or forged.

The SDK works with in-person, offline presentations by default with cached revocation and trusted issuer lists.


Create your verifier app your way with features including:

  • Validate credential authenticity and integrity

  • Offline verification

  • Common codebase for both iOS and Android

  • Privacy-preserving features

  • Customisable user experience

Product spec sheet

Download the full list of technical capabilities available as part of the MATTR Pi Compact Credentials Verifier SDK.


See the tutorial on using the MATTR Pi Compact Credential Verifier SDK.