MATTR Capabilities

MATTR products are centred around seven core capabilities. These capabilities are modular sets of functionality that span across the credential lifecycle and core aspects of our product architecture. They show up in different ways across different products.

The seven capabilities are:

  1. Credential generation – Transform data with digital trust technologies that ensure integrity and authenticity to create secure digital credentials.

  2. Credential verification – Validate and understand credentials shared by other parties.

  3. Credential management – Store, use and exchange credentials to create trusted connections. Manage revocation and expiry of credentials.

  4. Ecosystem support – Build networks, frameworks and policies to create and manage a digital trust ecosystem where both data and value can be exchanged.

  5. Messaging – Secure and encrypted, DID-based messaging.

  6. Extensions – Tools to enable seamless integration with existing infrastructure to build bridges and enable flexible scaling of solutions.

  7. Platform management – Control and configure capabilities to suit your needs and set up complex ecosystems. Access logs for reporting. set up policies and procedures, and more.

Some product features may utilise more than one of these capabilities in order to achieve the desired outcome. Packages for both MATTR VII and MATTR Pi may include some or all of these capabilities and features and they are modular in nature, to allow flexibility in configuration.