MATTR Data Sub-processors

Last Updated: 25 March 2021

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MATTR may engage the following entities to carry out specific Personal Data Processing activities.

Entity Activity Location, Inc.     Amazon Web Services provides infrastructure services from data centers based in Australia     United States
Atlassian Pty Ltd Jira Service Desk may be used to communicate with customers Australia
Google Google Mail may be used to communicate with customers United States
LogDNA, Inc. LogDNA may be used to maintain activity logs United States
Microsoft Office365 may be used to coordinate customer onboarding activities United States
Netlify Netlify may be used to process customer registrations United States
Recurly, Inc. Recurly is used to support billing operations United States, Inc. Stores and manages customer records United States
Slack Technologies, Inc. Slack may be used to communicate and collaborate with customers United States
Spark New Zealand Limited Monitors environment for data security purposes New Zealand
The Rocket Science Group LLC Mailchimp may be used to communicate with customers United States
Zapier, Inc. Zapier orchestrates customer onboarding processes United States

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