Verify a credential using a callback


MATTR Platform manages verifications of holder data using a presentation request flow. Users holding credentials in their mobile wallet can view these requests and choose to respond with a verifiable presentation, created from the credentials they hold.

In the presentation request you are able to set a per-transaction callback URL, once the Platform receives the holder's verifiable presentation it will perform verification checks, including checking for revocation status and then extract the claims. These standardized output will be sent as a JSON body to the defined callback endpoint, which can be consumed by your system


Orchestrating the steps required to verify a credential using a callback is non-trivial. This guide will step through how to successfully obtain the callback response using a localhost, you will need to take the concepts and apply them to your systems.

1. Set up your local environment -- Use some simple tools to allow you to accept and view data posted to the callback.

2. Run credential verify using a callback -- Manually run through all the steps required to create a presentation request and obtain data from the wallet.

> You may also use the verify credentials using presentation request callbacks sample app to get a hands-on experience of implementing a Node.js Express server to manage the end to end user flow.