How to get started with MATTR VII

Getting started with MATTR VII comprises the following steps:

  1. Sign up for a trial tenant.
  2. Obtain an access token.
  3. Make your first request.
  4. Download and use the MATTR Showcase Wallet

Sign up for a trial tenant

Complete the sign up form for a free trial tenant.

If you already have an existing tenant, this step is not required.

Obtain an access token

Once you complete the free trial onboarding process, you can make a request to obtain an access token for your tenant.


You will need your tenant details to obtain an access token. If you had not received these details or have any questions, please contact us.

Make your first request

Once you have obtained an access token, you can use it to make a request to any protected endpoint. We recommend starting with something basic like retrieving a list of all DIDs available on your tenant:


Make the following request with the obtained access token as a request header:

GET http://{tenant_url}/v1/dids
  • tenant_url: Replace with your own tenant_url provided with your tenant details.


Success is indicated by a returned 200 HTTP status code. As you’ve likely not yet created any DIDs, we would expect an empty array as a response:


The fact that a 200 HTTP status code was returned indicates that your bearer token has permitted access to the protected resource.


You will use a similar approach to make a request to any protected endpoint. Note that you will need to obtain a new access token whenever it expires. We recommend using our Postman collection (opens in a new tab) to interact with your MATTR VII tenant. This collection includes a pre-request script to obtain an access token when it is missing or expired.

Download and use the MATTR Showcase Wallet

The MATTR Showcase wallet is Built using the MATTR Pi Wallet SDK and will enable you to trial end-to-end journeys you might create on your MATTR VII tenant.

Follow the getting started guide to download and use the MATTR Showcase Wallet.