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MATTR Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 25 March 2021

Your Privacy Matters

MATTR is built and operated as a privacy-first company. Enhancement of privacy and trust in digital transactions are fundamental to the software we develop. We aim to support entities participating in the growing eco-system of privacy-preserving verifiable data transactions. We do not sell, rent or otherwise monetise personal information that we process on our customers’ behalf.

This privacy policy (Privacy Policy) sets out how we collect, use, disclose and protect personal information when:

  • we provide Services to our customers through our software-as-a-service platform (e.g., when we issue or verify credentials)
  • we provide other Services to our customers (such as training or seminars), or
  • we provide access to or use of our Materials, such as apps, SDKs, and the content, materials, software, data, documents (etc.) we make available to allow use of our Services.

(For a full definition of all of our Services and Materials, see our Customer Agreement, which may be updated from time to time).

First and foremost, we use your personal information to provide our customers with requested Services and Materials and to manage our relationship with you and our customers. Where end users’ personal information is provided to us for the purpose of us providing our Services (e.g. when our customer issues a credential using our Services), we use and disclose that end user personal information for service delivery and the other limited purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. We do not use it for purposes like marketing services from us or others to the end user.

If you access or use our website or otherwise use Materials without representing or becoming our customer, the MATTR Website Privacy Policy applies.

If you don’t have a relationship with us, but believe your personal information is used by an entity that accesses or uses our Materials or Services, that entity’s privacy policy applies to their collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. In the first instance, we recommend that you contact that entity for any questions you have about your personal information (including where you want to access, correct, amend, or request the deletion of, your personal information).