Mobile Credential across MATTR platforms

When Mobile Credentials are added to a digital trust ecosystem, they can be applied to a wide variety of use cases and business problems.

Mobile Credentials are currently available across the following MATTR platforms:

  • MATTR VII: Offers a set of APIs that enable the following:
    • Managing Mobile Credential Configurations that serve as a template for signing and issuing Mobile Credentials.
    • Creating Mobile Credential offers.
    • Creating and managing the certificates required to sign Mobile Credentials - Issuing Authority Certificate Authority (IACA) and Document Signer Certificates (DSCs).
  • MATTR Pi: Offers two types SDKs to handle Mobile Credentials (Both are available for React Native, Native iOS and Native Android):
    • MATTR Pi Wallet SDK: Enables accepting a Mobile Credential offer and trigger its signing and issuance to the wallet.
    • MATTR Pi Mobile Credentials Verifier SDK: Enables verifying a signed Mobile Credential.
  • MATTR GO: Offers two white-labeled apps that can handle Mobile Credentials.
    • MATTR GO Wallet can hold and present Mobile Credentials.
    • MATTR GO Verifier can verify Mobile Credentials.

Currently our APIs only support the ECDSA with P-256 (ES256) algorithm for issuer and device authentication. Contact us if you want to better understand the rationale for this choice.

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