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Create an IACA

How to create an IACA

An IACA (Issuing Authority Certificate Authority) is a X.509 based certificate used to identify a Mobile Credential issuer and verify the Mobile Credentials they issue.


Make a request of the following structure to create an IACA:

POST /v2/credentials/mobile/iacas
    "country": "NZ",
    "commonName": "MATTR IACA",
    "notAfter": "2034-09-26"
  • country : This optional parameter indicates the issuer country. If not provided, a country is selected based on the region of the tenant subdomain cloud host. When specified, the value must be uppercase and a valid country code as per ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 (opens in a new tab).
  • commonName : This optional parameter indicates the common name of the IACA certificate. When specified, the value must be a valid PrintableString and cannot be an empty string. If not provided and a custom domain is configured and verified, the custom domain is used followed by the word IACA. If no custom domain is configured, the tenant subdomain is used instead.
  • notAfter : This optional parameter is used to set the IACA expiry date. When not provided, defaults to 10 years from issuance. Maximum value is 20 years from issuance.


    "id": "e86dd9bc-1414-4f60-aeb1-9143451424bb",
    "certificateData": {
        "notAfter": "2034-09-26T00:09:21.000Z",
        "notBefore": "2023-08-08T00:09:21.000Z",
        "commonName": "MATTR IACA",
        "country": "NZ"
    "certificateFingerprint": "57b178a6c2b8c1877dba515ad4fd60f9c805efc309287182db7debfe43a22928",
    "publicKeyJwk": {
        "kty": "EC",
        "crv": "P-256",
        "x": "kbuvX83YDOKHZMj7UXGXd3hlgsOAQe0rWTRkZriJa60",
        "y": "pTK_1JY8eBRiNiZEHWDsRHOP-k5ICymTvVj5AD6P2c8"
  • id : Unique identifier created for each IACA.
  • certificatePEM : Certificate PEM format.
  • certificateData : Key details of the created IACA:
    • notAfter : IACA's expiry date.
    • notBefore : IACA’s active from date.
    • commonName : IACA's name, as provided in the request.
    • country : IACA’s issuer country, as provided in the request.
  • certificateFingerprint : Hashed value of the IACA certificate that includes all certificate data and its signature.
  • publicKeyJwk : JWK format of the IACA public key.

Once an IACA is created on a MATTR VII tenant, it can be retrieved from the mdoc_iacas_uri property of its OID4VCI issuer metadata.