Direct Credential issuance

Direct issuance begins with making an API request to a MATTR VII endpoint, providing a credential payload. The endpoint responds with a cryptographically signed digital credential. MATTR VII currently supports direct issuance of Compact Credentials, Compact Semantic Credentials and Web Credentials.

Once the credential is cryptographically signed, it can be shared with its intended holder via various communication channels, depending on the credential profile and your implementation:

  • Compact and Compact Semantic Credentials can be formatted as a QR code, PDF document, Apple or Google digital passes. Formatting is based on templates you create and upload to your MATTR VII tenant. Formatted credentials can be shared with holders via e-mail, messaging systems or even as paper-based credentials (for QR codes and PDFs).
  • Web Credentials can be encrypted and sent directly to holders' digital wallets.

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