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Tenant Management

Tenant management

An environment is a higher-order structure where MATTR VII tenants are hosted in a specific MATTR VII cloud deployment. One tenant must always be a part of exactly one environment, and each environment may include multiple tenants that share hardware resources and environment settings while maintaining authorisation and data isolation.

MATTR VII offers two types of deployment environments:

  • Public cloud environments: Multi-tenanted MATTR VII deployments across a range of different customers using shared infrastructure.
  • Private cloud environments: Customer-specific MATTR VII deployments in an AWS region of your choosing. Contact us if you’re interested in a private environment.

The Management APIs offer a set of actions beyond the scope of a single tenant or environment:

  • Creating tenants, deleting tenants and retrieving tenant data.
  • Listing your environments.

Similar capabilities are available via the Self Service Portal.

The Management APIs use machine-to-machine authentication through its own credentials, which are different from your MATTR VII client credentials.

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