Credential verification

Credential verification


Credential verification is the process by which a verifier, such as a service or platform, checks the validity of a digital credential presented by a holder. Verification includes the following checks:

  • Issuer identifier can be resolved and validated.
  • The credential digital signature can be verified (cryptographic data integrity).
  • The credential conforms to a referenced specification (when applicable).
  • The credential is currently valid - is already active and has not yet expired (when applicable).
  • The credential has not been revoked (when applicable).
  • The credential was issued by a valid issuer in the Ecosystem (when applicable).

Verifying a credential does not include evaluating the truth of the claims encoded in the credential. Rather, verification only confirms that these are the same claims signed by the issuer, meaning the credential hasn't been tampered with.

You can use different MATTR VII, MATTR Pi and MATTR GO capabilities to verify credentials:

  • Direct verification: Use dedicated MATTR VII endpoints to make a direct API call to verify a credential enclosed in the request body. Direct verification is available for Web Credentials, Compact and Compact Semantic Credentials.
  • Presentation verification: Use MATTR VII to create a presentation template, which details the information you wish to verify. Then, use this template to create a specific verification request from a specific holder. Presentation verification is only available for Web Credentials.
  • SDK verification: Use our MATTR Pi verifier SDKs to build verification capabilities into your apps. SDK verification is currently available for Compact or Compact Semantic Credentials and Mobile Credentials. Refer to our Verifier SDK Docs for more information.
  • MATTR GO Verifier: Our configurable white-label verifier app includes Compact, Compact Semantic and Mobile Credentials verification capabilities.
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