Wallet utilities

Wallet utilities

Digital wallets provide a secure and convenient way for users to store, manage and exchange verifiable credentials:

  • Claiming new credentials from different issuers across various channels.
  • Viewing the details of existing credentials.
  • Presenting existing credentials (or parts of them) for verification across various channels.

MATTR platforms offer the following wallet capabilities:

  • MATTR GO Wallet: Our white-label wallet. Allows applying your own branding onto the foundation of our wallet, with no coding required.
  • MATTR Pi Wallet SDK: Build your own app or add functionalities to existing apps where appropriate.
  • MATTR Showcase Wallet: Built using the MATTR Pi wallet SDK and showcases everything our SDK has to offer.

Choosing the right platform for you depends on your use case, requirements, resources and implementation timelines. Contact us (opens in a new tab) to discuss your options.

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