Compact Credential across MATTR platforms

When Compact Credentials are added to a digital trust ecosystem, they can be applied to a wide variety of use cases and business problems.

Compact Credentials are currently available across the following MATTR platforms:

  • MATTR VII: Offers a set of APIs that enable the following:

    • Managing Compact Credential Configurations that serve as a template for signing and issuing Compact Credentials.
    • Creating Compact Credential offers.
    • Signing Compact Credentials using direct API requests, and then delivering to a holder’s digital wallet via a separate endpoint.
    • Formatting Compact Credentials as QR codes, PDF documents, Apple or Google passes.
    • Creating and managing templates for the different credential formats.
    • Creating and managing DIDs which are required to issue Compact Credentials.
    • Verifying a signed Compact Credential using a direct API request.
  • MATTR Pi: Offers two SDKs to handle Web Credentials:

    • MATTR Pi Wallet SDK: Enables accepting a Compact Credential offer and trigger its signing and issuance to the wallet.
    • MATTR Pi Verifier SDK: Enables verifying a signed Compact Credential.

    • MATTR GO Wallet: Can be used to claim, hold and present Compact Credentials.
    • MATTR GO Verifier: Can be used to verify presented Compact Credentials.

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