Core capabilities


The compact nature of the credential is an essential feature of offering credentials that work in offline or paper-based contexts, as the credential payload is small enough to fit inside a QR code.


Compact Credentials can be converted to a number of formats. This includes PDF documents that can be presented digitally or printed, as well as Apple and Google passes that can be stored in a digital wallet. Thus, Compact Credential reduce the digital divide by supporting offline or paper-based contexts alongside digital-first channels.

Self contained

Compact Credentials are bearer credentials where all the assurance is fully self-contained within the QR code, with no need for complex dynamic presentation capability from the holder.

Offline verification

Holders present Compact Credentials by showing a verifier a QR code representing their credential. This can be scanned visually, or digitally transmitted by uploading an image or PDF. Verification can be online via API or entirely offline. This makes Compact Credentials ideal for rapid verification scenarios and/or when there is no reliable internet connectivity.


You can use MATTR VII to control the status of issued Compact Credentials. This allows verifiers to obtain the revocation status of a Compact Credential as it is being presented in a way that preserves the privacy of the credential holder.

When a verifier requests a revocation list, the issuer cannot tell what credential are they checking the status for. This means the issuer does not know how often or to whom a credential is being presented, maintaining holder's privacy.