MATTR Pi Changelog

New capabilities in the MATTR Pi Verifier SDK

5 April 2024

The latest version (v3.0.0) of our MATTR Pi Verifier SDK is out, making more capabilities available for developers to build into their applications.

Key Features

  • Introducing Mobile Credentials capabilities via an extension:

    • Manage a list of trusted issuer certificates which presented Mobile Credentials can be validated against.

    • Interface with a Mobile Credential holder to request presentations of issued Mobile Credentials as per ISO/IEC 18013-5:2021.

    • Verify incoming Mobile Credentials presentations.

  • Introducing Ecosystem capabilities via an extension:

    • Confirm the verified credential is valid in the ecosystem.

    • Confirm the verified credential was issued by a valid ecosystem issuer.

Breaking changes

Two initialisation parameters have been renamed to maintain consistency across credential profiles (without affecting their functionality):

  • The assertNotBefore parameter has been renamed to assertValidFrom.

  • The assertExpiry parameter has been renamed to assertValidUntil.

Refer to our SDK Docs page to start using any of our MATTR Pi SDKs, and to the MATTR Pi Verifier SDK Docs for detailed description of the new features and changes included in this release.

New functionalities and improved error handling in the MATTR Pi Wallet SDK

31 January 2024

We are releasing a new version (v5.0.0) of our MATTR Pi Wallet SDK.

Key features  

  • Introducing Android support for Mobile Credentials capabilities – the @mattrglobal/mobile-credential-holder-react-native extension integration is now supported on both iOS and Android.

  • Introducing support for Enhanced Ecosystems functionalities via the @mattrglobal/ecosystem-sdk-react-native extension integration.

  • Remote DID document and context resolution is now cached to prevent unnecessary requests and improve overall performance.

  • Bug fixes and overall performance enhancements.

Refer to the SDK Docs change log for more details.

Breaking changes 

This release introduces several changes to error handling that should be handled as breaking changes. Refer to the SDK Docs change log for a complete description of the new errors and how they might affect your implementation.

Enhancements and new features across MATTR platforms

7 July 2023

We're excited to announce the following updates and new features across our MATTR platforms:

  • You can now issue Compact Credentials using the OpenID Credential Provisioning flow. This includes using all the features that this flow enables, such as integration hooks, claims source integration and multi-credential issuance for Compact Credentials.

  • We've enabled the MATTR Pi Wallet Toolkit with the capability to retrieve and hold Compact Credentials.

  • We now support multiple key types within a single DID, which means you can issue credentials in multiple Credential Profiles using the same DID.

Introducing MATTR Pi: Our flexible tools for creating apps your users will love.

22 February 2023

We are excited to announce the official launch of MATTR Pi – our SDK-centric platform encompassing toolkits with the flexibility to build solutions that work for you.

Whilst pi (π) is a mathematical constant, its decimals are infinite. All MATTR Pi toolkits have our rigorous commitment to international standards and leading security practices baked in, but they equip you with the limitless potential to create value in this new world of digital trust.

The foundations of MATTR Pi, available now, are the MATTR Pi Wallet Toolkit and the MATTR Pi Compact Credentials Verifier Toolkit.

The Wallet Toolkit includes all you need to get started creating your own digital wallet experiences quickly. Find out more and read our tutorial for using the Wallet SDK.

The Compact Credentials Verifer Toolkit lets you easily integrate verification capabilities into any existing or new application. Find out more and read our tutorial for using the Compact Credentials Verifier SDK.

Interested in creating a verifier or wallet solution and not sure where to start? Get in touch with us today to discuss the best option for your business.

Compact Credential Verifier SDK

07 July 2022

We’ve transformed our Credential Verification capabilities to support the wider platform by making it work on your own mobile experience or integrating them into other types of your applications. Utilizing SDK will significantly reduce your development time while ensuring you are leveraging safe and reliable code libraries.

The following capabilities & benefits are provided in the Verifer SDK:

  • Build your own Compact Credential verification solution into existing applications using the same tools as the MATTR Verifier App

  • Validate Compact and Semantic Compact Credentials' authenticity 

  • Offline verification of your trusted credentials

  • Refresh cached revocation lists and trusted issuers

  • Privacy-preserving features

  • Ongoing support for fast-evolving standards of digital trust and verifiable data

  • Create both iOS and Android apps using the same codebase

Interested in learning more about how you might use the MATTR Verifier SDK? Get in touch with us today.