Wallet interactions

The interactions screen shows different Issuers and Verifiers you have interacted with. The mobile wallet will automatically create a new interaction whenever it encounters a new domain.

There are 2 main ways to create an interaction:

  1. Scanning a QR code for an OpenID Credential provider URL - this will result in creating a new Interaction based on the domain included in the issuer value.

  2. Receiving a JWM message - the interaction is based on the included sender domain

Once an interaction has been created, events are grouped under this interaction and can be viewed using the conversational user interface, also known as the ‘chat interface’.

Subject & Holder DIDs

Generally for each interaction, a new DID is created on the mobile wallet and associated with any events that happen. So for credential issuance, the DID will be used as the Subject DID for subject binding and for verify flows, the DID is used as the Holder DID in the Verifiable Presentation.

Interaction verification

Domains of Issuers and Verifiers are validated using DID-to-Domain credentials available from the tenant. If this validation is successful, then a Verified tick is shown during the flows.