Getting started

Download the app

You can download the MATTR Showcase wallet app on your iPhone using the App Store or Android using Google Play.


Initial setup

Setting up a PIN

Set up a 6-digit PIN to begin, this will be used to unlock the wallet. When you close the app or after a certain period of inactivity, the wallet will log the user out and prompt you to log back in to keep your credentials safe. You can unlock your app at any time by typing in the PIN.

If six multiple incorrect PIN attempts are made, the user of the wallet will be locked out for one minute, before being allowed to try again and access the wallet.

Using biometric authentication

If your device has fingerprint or facial recognition, you can use biometrics as the unlocking mechanism.

You will always be able to fall back to the configured PIN to unlock the wallet.

Messaging & push notifications

You will be prompted to enable push notifications, as the wallet can notify you for new available credentials or changes to the status of existing credentials.

If you choose not to enable push notifications during onboarding, you can utilise the basic messaging capability which is enabled by default.

Connectivity & settings

Some wallet features require access to the public internet, with most file transfers being relatively low data. However, larger credentials with images may be up to 2MB in size. Sources such as JSON-LD schemas and the manifest.json from tenants may be fetched as required and cached.

Currently, there is very limited support for language settings, including US and UK English. This is automatically determined by the locale settings on your mobile device.

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