Wallet flows

Issue a credential using OpenID Connect

Start by scanning a QR code or opening a message referencing OpenID Credential Provider configuration, where the Credential Offer screen is shown. This screen is the consent to start the journey, continuing will open a web view and start the Authentication flow. Once authentication with the OpenID Provider is completed, the wallet will receive the credential and is able to store it.

Verify flow

Start by scanning a QR code, following a deeplink or opening a message containing a reference to a Verifiable Presentation Request message. Based on the contents of the request message, the wallet will attempt to find matching credentials, if there are multiple matching credentials, they will be displayed for you to choose the most appropriate. For request messages using query-by-frame, matching BBS+ credentials are derived to only disclose the selected credential attributes.

Receiving push notifications

Push notifications are used to retrieve secure DID messages from the inbox on the server, all messages are encrypted and can only be read by the intended recipient (using DIDs).

Further details on how to construct and send messages using the MATTR VII platform can be found on the Use messaging tutorial.