Verify a ZKP-enabled credential - Overview


The MATTR VII platform supports the issuance of ZKP-enabled credentials, which give holders a privacy-preserving way of selectively disclosing limited sets of their data contained within credentials. In many jurisdictions, it is important to request only information that is required for legitimate purposes. GDPR, for example, legislates against over-collection of personal information. Setting up a presentation template with a Query by Frame request query for a ZKP-enabled credential can help to ensure that you comply with these requirements.

ZKP-enabled credentials use the BBS+ signature suite, MATTR is heavily involved in developing these standards within the community. If you are planning on using this feature for production workloads please get in touch for more information on how we can help you as these standards continue to evolve.

The use of JSON-LD Framing is also a novel technique to request verifiable presentations, not all features from JSON-LD framing are supported and configurations must be thoroughly tested to ensure there are no unforeseen results.


This tutorial will demonstrate the value of ZKP-enabled credentials, to learn more about the overall process of verifying credentials on the platform see the tutorials outlining the verification of credentials using a callback , or using an OIDC Bridge tutorials.

  1. Obtain values from a ZKP-enabled credential -- follow this quick-start guide to download the sample app, try out a Query by Frame presentation template and view selected values from a ZKP-enabled credential previously issued to the mobile wallet.