Custom domain

Access the Custom domain tab screen by selecting Tenant management from the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the self service portal, and then select the Custom domain tab.

Perform the following instructions to configure a custom domain for the selected tenant:

  1. Enter a meaningful name in the Name textbox.

  2. Insert a suitable URL in the Logo URL textbox (see the Configure a Custom domain guide for URL requirements).

  3. Insert the full custom domain in the domain textbox, leaving out the protocol (e.g. https://).

  4. Select CREATE.

    Your Custom domain record is created and you must now verify it.

  5. Copy the DNS entry TXT record and add it to your domains' DNS entry txt record.

  6. Once the change has been propagated, select the VERIFY icon.

    Upon successful verification, the Domain verification status will change to Verified, indicating the custom domain is now configured and active for the selected tenant.

  7. Create redirects for any required assets (see MATTR VII assets for more information).