Document Guidelines for Verify a NZ COVID Pass

This page provides best practice guidance for verifying NZ COVID Pass certificates presented in the following formats:

  • PDF generated by NZ MoH containing the NZCP QR code

  • Photograph/scanned image of the PDF

  • Screenshot of the NZCP QR code

Customers who have signed up to the MATTR VII NZCP verifier API are allowed to use the images on this page and copy them in the guide with their end-users.

If you wish to use the API to start verifying holders with NZ COVID Passes please get in touch to discuss.

I have a digital PDF, Apple Wallet or Google Pay pass

Upload the original PDF from the email sent by Ministry of Health.

Don't take a screenshot of the PDF zoomed out.

Instead, enlarge the PDF so the QR code is in the centre of the screen, then take the screenshot.

iOS: Screenshot from Apple Wallet

Android: Screenshot from Google Pay

I have a hard copy print out

Scan your hard copy pass in colour, at least 200dpi, and as a PDF file. Did that not work? Try taking a photo instead.

Take a photo of the QR code

  • in frame
  • sharp and clear
  • bright

Too far zoomed out. QR code is too small within the picture.

Too blurry. Try holding your phone still or go to a brighter space.

Too dark and blurry. Try going to a brighter space or turning on the flash.

Out of focus. Try moving your camera back a bit until the QR code looks sharp.