Compressed credentials

This implementation of compressed credentials using CBOR-LD is currently in a Technical Preview. This means we may change how this feature is implemented resulting in breaking changes to the API as well as the featureset being limited in some capacity.


Using JSON-LD as the data-model for credentials is useful to provide rich semantic meaning in a human-readable format that can be worked with using some existing tooling. However, the expanded form of the linked-data format does result in larger sized payloads that can be problematic when trying to verify credentials in an offline scenario using QR codes.

Compressing the credentials in a lossless way using a CBOR-LD format allows for a wider range of credentials to be encoded into a QR code that can be presented to verifiers.

This tutorial will use API endpoints available on MATTR VII, the MATTR Wallet and also a sample application to demonstrate a working solution whilst allowing you to learn about the constraints of working with devices in an offline mode.


  1. Learn about converting linked-data payloads between JSON-LD and CBOR-LD

  2. Explore offline credentials and presentations in the MATTR Wallet

  3. Install and run the MATTR Verify CBOR-LD Presentation sample app