Implementation Considerations – Accessibility

How do I make my credential accessible?


We’ve designed our PDF generator to use the same read-order and alt text as provided in your template files.

For in-depth details on how to create an accessible PDF see: Adobe’s Guide

Alt text for dynamic text (text inside form fields) are defined in the config.json file, see PDF Template Design Guideline.

For Apple Pass

Apple Pass does not currently support image alt text, so if you are adding text inside any images make sure those aren’t the only instance it gets displayed. If the hero image includes the credential name, perhaps also include it in the header and description field.

See Design Guidelines for field customizations.

VoiceOver – read order:

1. advanced safety training – this gets pulled from organizationName

2. certification, H S two hundred and seventy eight

3. registered architects board

4. name, tasma emma — if headerFields are not present then the primaryFields get read

5. ticket fix

6. summer waves

VoiceOver – read order:

1. certification, H S two hundred and seventy eight

2. name, emma jane tasma

3. certified for, level four

4. E X P, the first of january two thousand and twenty six, barcode, image

For Google Pass

Google Pass supports alt text for logo image, hero image, and QR code. Use the "description": key and value to define alt text.

See Design Guidelines for field customizations.

Read order is left to right and top to bottom.