Supported Standards

This page outlines the currently-implemented support of MATTR VII for various open standards. If there is a standard (listed here or not) for which you would like further clarification with respect to product support, please contact us.

Standards Authorities

The following standards authorities are recognized as authoritative sources for the standards listed below:

Supported Standards Status

With respect to each standard, the status indicates the current and likely continued future conformance of MATTR VII to the particular version of the standard indicated. The status is influenced by the product roadmap, future iterations of the standard itself, the changing standards landscape, and other such factors.

Support statuses are categorized as either:

  1. Stable - MATTR VII conforms to the standard and conformance is expected to continue into the forseeable future. Deprecation of support for the standard and/or adoption of a new version is unlikely over any reasonable time horizon.
  2. Provisionary - MATTR VII conform to the standard however deprecation of support for the standard and/or adoption of a new version is possible within the forseeable future.
  3. Deprecated - MATTR VII previously conformed to the standard, the support for which has now ceased.

Core Standards Supported

Standards OrganisationStandardVersionStatus
DIF / W3CConfidential StorageUnofficial Draft 08 April 2021Provisionary
DIFDIDComm MessagingEditor’s DraftProvisionary
DIFWell Known DID ConfigurationDIF Working Group Approved DraftStable
IETFJSON Web MessageProposed standardProvisionary
IETFJSON Web Encryption (JWE)Proposed standardStable
IETFJSON Web Key (JWK)Proposed standardStable
IETFJSON Web Signature (JWS)Proposed standardStable
OIDFOpenID Connect1.0Stable
OIDFOpenID Connect Credential Provider0.1Provisionary
W3CDecentralized Identifiers (DIDs)1.0Provisionary
W3CLinked Data Proofs1.0Provisionary
W3CRevocation List 2020Draft Community Group Report 20 April 2021Provisionary
W3CVerifiable Credentials Data Model1.0Stable
W3CVerifiable Presentation Request Specification0.1Provisionary

DID Methods Supported

Standards OrganisationStandardVersionStatus
W3CDID KeyUnofficial Draft 27 February 2021Provisionary
W3CDID SovrinEditor’s Draft 11 December 2020Provisionary
W3CDID WebDraft Community Group Report 16 March 2021Provisionary

Cryptographic Suites Supported

Standards OrganisationStandardVersionStatus
W3CBBS+ Signatures 2020Draft Community Group Report 20 April 2021Provisionary
W3CEd25519 Signature 2018Draft Community Group Report 27 January 2021Provisionary