Platform Overview


The MATTR Platform delivers digital trust in a scalable manner. Our product is based on a few core principles: extensible data formats, secure authentication protocols, a rigorous semantic data model, industry-standard cryptography, and the use of Platform Drivers and Extensions to allow modular and configurable use of the platform over time. By combining our Core capabilities with Extensions and Drivers, our platform offers developers convenience without compromising flexibility or choice.

MATTR Platform Architecture

Architecture Overview

Our belief is that a modular security architecture is one which can work across many different contexts. When it comes to trust, context is everything, and we know our users each have their own unique requirements and expectations when it comes to their digital interactions.

We provide flexible and configurable building blocks for trust on the web in order to create a digital ecosystem that can support global scale.

Our platform consists of 3 main components:

Platform Core

Platform Extensions

Platform Drivers

In addition, Developer Tools simplify the experience of interacting with the platform.

Developer Tools

Each of these pieces work in tandem to deliver digital trust capabilities to our users.