Developer Tools

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Developer Tools provide interfaces to assist developers in utilizing the MATTR Platform. They work natively with our Platform Core as well as our Platform Extensions. Examples of Developer Tools that we are building out include a Digital Wallet, CLI, and sample web applications.


Developer Tools allow easier access to our platform's capabilities by exposing an additional set of interfaces to interact with the platform. These are mostly optional to use, though they do simplify setting up the infrastructure needed to get started experimenting with the platform. Some tools may be required to use certain features of the platform.

MATTR Mobile Wallet App
MATTR Mobile Wallet App
Key Management Support
MATTR Command Line Interface
Storage Support
Sample Web Applications
Handles storage and management of credentials and puts the user in charge of who and what gets access to their dataRoadmap capabilityRoadmap capability

Visit the Onboarding section to learn more about how to start using our Developer Tools.