Download the Mobile Wallet App


A common component of any digital trust infrastructure is what is known as a user's Digital Wallet. The root of trust in a decentralized identity ecosystem primarily comes from issuers which are authorities on some set of information. Issuers provide users with credentials that contain authoritative information about them in the form of digitally verifiable claims. The wallet allows an end-user to store and manage Verifiable Credentials that have been issued to them, so that they can later be used for the purposes of authentication and access. In essence, by controlling their own Digital Wallet, a user is fully in charge of how and when they choose to present information to a verifier or relying party. When a verifier needs to validate some information, they can request specific pieces of data from the holder in order to meet their verification requirements. The wallet handles all of this logic for you and puts the user in charge of who and what gets access to their data. Our Mobile Wallet App makes use of the powerful computing hardware found in smartphones and packages the wallet to the user as a downloadable application.


We recommended you use one of the following devices.

  • Android 8 or higher
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 or later
  • iOS 12.4 or higher
    • iPhone 7 or later

Downloading the app from the store

You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

During the Private Preview period, please provide an email address and phone OS (iOS or Android) for each user, you can contact us to submit them.

Initial Setup

Provide your invite code

Enter the invite code that MATTR has provided to you. You will only need to do this once to start using the app.

Setting up a PIN

Provide a 6 digit PIN that will be used to unlock the app. When you close the app or after a certain period of inactivity, the app will lock itself to keep your Credentials safe. You can unlock your app at any time by typing in the PIN.

Using biometric authentication

If your device has fingerprint or facial recognition, you will be offered to use biometrics as the unlocking mechanism.

You will always be able to fall back on the configured PIN to unlock the app.

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