VII Extensions


Extensibility is a key principle of our product architecture. Beyond the fundamental digital trust capabilities provided by VII Core, MATTR VII also provides pre-built extensions. VII Extensions are higher level capabilities that plug in to MATTR VII, providing convenient and easy-to-access application logic, such as orchestration and workflow. They serve as an additional value to MATTR VII, allowing users to smoothly onboard as well as enabling MATTR’s digital trust infrastructure to integrate with digital services that exist outside of our platform.


VII Extensions are built on top of our VII Core and work natively with our Developer Tools. They are modular components in terms of logic and configuration, meaning they’re not strictly required for MATTR VII use but they provide additional functionality that may be outside the scope of VII Core. Extensions are typically exposed as an extensible set of APIs.

OIDC Bridge Mobile Wallets SDKs DCC Extension
A familiar identity system for developers integrating digital trust capabilities into existing applications and services

Create your own mobile wallets and other types of applications.


Issue and verify EU Digital Covid Certificates (EUDCC)

OIDC Bridge, the first of the VII Extensions, leverages existing identity management solutions that use OpenID Connect. To learn more about OIDC Bridge, view our App Tutorials or check out the API Reference docs.

The wallet SDK is an external library that can be used to build out wallet functionality using React Native. Learn more by visiting our overview page.

DCC Extension leverages VII Core capabilities to generate and verify EU Covid Vaccination Certificates. To learn more about DCC Extension, view our Tutorials or check out the API Reference docs.